Names for Twins / Multiples

Get to know what you should consider while choosing the names for your multiples. Learn some useful tips for naming twins.
Names for Twins / Multiples
Playing the Name Game
The person’s name identifies him or her for a lifetime. Moreover, it makes up an image of a type of a personality. People usually rely on their “good names”, and they always try to avoid having a “bad name”.
 Most parents try to choose the best names for their children. However, those, who have twins or other higher order multiples usually find themselves challenged to make the right choice for their twins, triplets, quadruplets, etc. and it is not difficult to understand, because besides trying to choose the right individual name, these parents also have to take into consideration how these several names will work together as being a set.

naming_twinsWhat should people consider, while naming their multiples? Should their names rhyme? On the other hand, would it be better if the twin babies’ names had the same initial? On other hand, maybe the names should sound like being contrasts to each other. Should these names be individualistic or unique? In addition, there are much more other questions; parents of multiples ask themselves before they decide to give names to their babies.

The Most Important Things to Consider While Naming Twins / Multiples.
Below come the most necessary questions, every family with twins or multiples is to consider before naming them:
•  How can we decide, which baby receives which name? Should the baby, who was the first to arrive, get the first choice name?
•  In case if one of the babies will have the name of a family member, what if the family will show preference for that baby over the other?
•  How will the names, we are going to give our babies sound together, when children will be called home, or when they will be announced at their high school graduation?
•  What are the nicknames for the names, we are going to give our babies? Do they sound well?
•  Should any of the future names of our babies remind us about some person, either in a good or a bad way?
•  How can the future names of our babies be misspelled or what are the alternative spellings for these names? What if these possible misspellings or the alternative spellings will sound not nice or even ugly?
•  Will we be able to find any personalized item with these names, which we choose for our babies?
•  How will our children feel in the nearest future, if one of their names will be common, and the other will be rare?

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