Potty Training Twins

Donít know what to choose individually or separately training for your twins! Here you can find some advantages and disadvantages of these training. Read these simple tips and choose which is better for your babies.
Potty Training Twins

potty_training_twinsPotty training for one child it is very hard, but if you have twins you have to work doubly hard for the same results. Firstly potty training may seem as a daunting task. But if you are equipped with the right techniques and methods, this training will be a minor roadblock to overcome.

You should remember that even they are twins; it does not mean that they will learn everything at the same time or in the same way. Their physical attributes might be alike, but their level of learning skills might not. While one child may show some signs of willingness other exhibits signs of resistance.

Here some simple tips how to handle twins separately or individually.

  1. If you decided to train them separately.

When one of twins is ahead of other in regards to potty readiness it is important to let your husband or other member of your family takes care of one child while you are training other. It is imperative that you have someone to assist you as you do not want the one child to distract the attention to the other. Another important thing it is not to praise one of the twins at the expense of the other; as it may create unnecessary jealousy and rivalry. But if you want to praise one of twins do it when the other is out. Or, if you want to give rewards for a good done job, make sure that it does not cause the conflict between them. If the praised child start to brag about the rewards before other, you should to explain how he will get the same rewards if he’s ready to be potty trained. It might help him even start earlier.

  2. If you choose to train your twins together.

It is more difficult than separately training, but logically it saves you time. Very important do not start training if one is not still ready. As it may create potential problems, because the less prepared child resistance might influence the more prepared one.

And as a rule of thumb, it is not desirable to give material rewards such as sweets or toys when you're training twins at the same time. The reason of this is that if the one who did not get any sweets or toys will feel unwanted by you or rejected, it could lead to fights and squabbles.

potty_trainingAs much as it is fun for the twins do training together, take them to the potty separately. It would help them feel more independent without feeling held back by the other twin. Moreover, taking them to the potty training separately will help you track each of them progress separately.

You may ask your husband or mom to help you out. As they know you better and it’s easier to see if you are on the same page with them. Maybe they have other suggestions that may speed up the potty training process. Do not upset if one twin shows great progress while the other regresses. As you remember your twins might share the same DNAs, but their personalities could be different. You should treat them as two different personalities, and this would help you keep track on what specific techniques to apply to each twin.