How to Shop for Your Multiples

Don't know what to choose: similar or different toys for your twins? Check out some shopping tips for keeping the peace between multiples.
How to Shop for Your Multiples
Two or More of a Kind?
Nearly all parents of twins, triplets, quadruplets or other multiples often ask themselves: “How should we handle the gift – buying process?” “Should we get each of our children identical toys, should these toys be identical, however different in colours, of should these be several completely different toys?”
For some parents buying the same gifts, and even of the same colours works perfectly. Sometimes they even label each toy with the first letter of its owner’s name in order that there would be no disputing or quarrels to whom it belongs.

baby_toysOther parents prefer to use some different approach. They consider it is to be important for children to learn to share and take turns whether they want to do it or not. Thus, they get different toys for each of their children. These parents also think, that getting a greater overall variety of gifts helps extend their children’s life of the newest stimulating gadgets – assuming that their kids are in the mood of sharing one day or another.

However, none of these contrary tactics may be considered as right or wrong. Anyway, whether you get your children two brown Teddy – bears or one brown Teddy – bear and one Polly Pocket set is completely dependent upon what you think and feel will work best for your children any given year. Nevertheless, no matter which of the above-mentioned approaches you choose, there still exist several lessens, which those of us, who have been in the holiday trenches with twins, triplets or other multiples have learned for the year. These are the lessons which help to make sure that your sanity remains as intact as possible until it is the high time to fall into bed in your pair of comfortable pajamas.

Tried – and – True Tricks
1. Though it may sound somewhat materialistic, it is still extremely important to make sure that each or your children gets the same number of presents overall. And even if  you will have to throw in a box of crackers or a deck of cards, belonging to your won collection, this easy and not much expensive balancing act will help you to avoid several exhausting hours, during which one of your children will be complaining about his sister or brother getting more toys than he or she does.

2. In case if you present your multiples with the same gifts every time, you maybe should let each of them open a gift simultaneously, even if they usually do not do it. This will let them to get much more excited about their own presents, instead of being focused on what other now have.

3. You are to make sure that there are batteries on hand. On Christmas mornings there are bunches of them at nearly every gas station, however, they are quite expensive.

Be Cost Effective
 When parents buy one Gift – of – the – Year for their child, it can be rather expensive; however buying two, three, four or, even more presents at a time can be prohibitively disastrous for their family budget. That is why all parents of multiples are to keep this in mind, while they are making their shopping lists. In case if they consider that something, which costs a lot of money, will become the hit of the century, it would be better to cooperate and get such a present from two or more family members.

In addition, you are not to forget, that you are not the only responsible for supplying your kids with all of their presents, as other relatives of them, like their grandmas, granddads, aunts, uncles, etc. should buy something as well (of course, in case if it is possible to do). You may buy one or two gifts for each of your multiples, and let other relatives of them have fun with all the rest.

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