Tricks on Putting Your Twins to Sleep

You have a great opportunity to study the list of tips which can help you to put your twins to sleep. Here you’ll help helpful tricks for you.
Tricks on Putting Your Twins to Sleep

Twins it is double work. It means more work for parents. And of course parents should invent different tricky for different situations. One of such situations it is how to put a pair of twins to bed. Here is a list of tips to help parents of twins manage with this situation.

twin_girls  • Maintain fixed bed times: try to put your twins to bed usually at the same time. It will form good sleeping habits and it will help them fall asleep without fuss as soon as you put them to bed.

  • Device a pre-bed routine: it may be a warm bath, massage or even cuddling, or some telling or lullaby. This will help your twins sleep better.

  • Swaddle your babies: It will help your babies sleep more snugly.

  • Teach your twins to sleep: you can do so by putting them to bed while they are drowsy. In such way they learn to entrust their own ability to get sleep.

  • Let them sleep together: they feel more calmly when they can enjoy physical contact with their siblings or parents. Very often twins who sleep together are more likely to enjoy unruffled sleep through the night.

  •  Help the calm baby first: very often parents make one and the same mistake. When babies wake up from sleep as usual parents tend to the one who is crying more, but this often leads to the calmer of the two being neglected. It is better to settle in the calm baby first and only after that hay your attention to the one who is bustling.

  •  Tackle frequent waking:  sometimes babies who are excited or simulated have trouble falling asleep and are more likely to be waking up at the night. You need support a calm and quite atmosphere just before sleep; keeping lights dim and keeping noise to a minimum will help you.

It is well known that newborn babies will sleep most of the time during their first few months. So at this time they need all the sleep they can get, that is why parents need to resist the temptation to wake them up and fondle or hug them.