Survival Strategies for New Parents

Investigate some strategies called to help new parents of multiples. Study to deal with your twins and keep order and happiness in your home.
Survival Strategies for New Parents

Help Each Other
If there are any relatives, who live with you, like your elder child / children, your parents, sisters, brothers, your partner, etc. you should help each other. Upbringing twins or more babies, delivered at a time is an extremely difficult task, and it is a real challenge for any relationship. If you talk to your partner about your feelings, it will be easier for both of you to understand each other and to develop different behaviour strategies of taking care of your twins, triplets, etc. 

Get Time Alone or Time Together
Do not forget either about your intimate relationship, or about your dates, full of romantic. You should plan a regular time for you and your partner to stay together for some while, without your multiples. You may go for a walk, to the movie, go out somewhere for dinner, go dancing or listen to music, go to the park, etc. In case if you have noone to leave your babies for, then the best way out of this situation will be making a permanent baby – sitting arrangement. However, do not stay at home all the time, go somewhere, even if you are exhausted.

If there are any older children in your family, it is necessary to do something with them alone at least one time a month, or so. They may either go somewhere on their own, or with you. However, they really need time off from the twins as well.

In addition, you should never forget about yourself, make time for you alone. Ask anyone of your friends, neighbors or relatives to take care after your babies for a little while, and do anything of the things, coming below:
• Take a long relaxing walk;
• Take a long bath;
• Make the very call; you never have time for;
• Go shopping and get something, you have been planning to buy for a long time;
• Do something, which will make you feel cared for.

Establish Boundaries
Your family and relatives will be of no doubt as excited and fascinated by your twins, triplets, quadruplets, as outsiders. It is very helpful, if grandmothers, aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters, cousins, etc. offer you any kind of help, however, it is also possible, that they will be irritating you constantly offering unwanted advices, and criticizing everything you do.

You should never reject any help from any of your family’s members, if you enjoy their support, however, it is extremely important to set limits where and when you need this help to be provided. and the sooner you do it, the better. You should have these boundaries established yet before things get out of your hands, and you are to keep in mind, that it is only your right to raise and behave your children the way you want to do. All these people should understand, that any thing, which might have worked for them will not necessary work for you.

Practically every person gets fascinated by twins, yet more by triplets or any other higher rate multiples. Many people also have a lot of strange ideas about multiples. Do not get surprised, if you are stopped on the street and asked something, like: “Which of your babies is the smartest?” Responding to anything that is said can make you exhausted easily. That is why do not pay much attention at any stranger, yet less at any odd question or saying. Simply smile and go on! Mind, that none of their comments has anything to do with you and with your children.

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