Survival Strategies for New Parents

Investigate some strategies called to help new parents of multiples. Study to deal with your twins and keep order and happiness in your home.
Survival Strategies for New Parents
Get Help
If there is a family, which experiences the “double” happiness of parenthood, they will definitely need some extra help, at least during the first year of their babies’ lives. Having delivered more than one baby at a time, you are not to reject any kind of help, being proposed, moreover, you will probably need to ask people, you trust and get along with for help. Thus, you should better apply for help to:
• Relatives – older children, parents, brothers, sisters, cousins, etc;
• Close friends of yours;
• Neighborhood kids, who are 10 – 12 years old;
• College students,
• Housekeeper, or live – in help, etc. 

Get Rest
Usually first several months of your babies’ lives will seem endless for you, because your twins’, triplets’, etc. schedule will not let you have as much sleep, as you need in order to recover after the delivery process and after everyday loading. This is why you will have to take any minute to have a rest, you are to rest whenever you can. It is even possible to you earplugs in order to be able to fall asleep for a while, when someone else takes care of your babies. Of course, you will have to delay some of your household activities, and your house will not be as clean, as it used to be before your babies’ arrival. However, you are to remember, that rest is one of the most essential activities for you now, and the more rest you will get, the better you will be able to take care not only of your babies, but of your husband and yourself.

Organize Your House
You will have to prepare your house to your little ones’ arrival long before you deliver. In order to have your house ready for the babies, you should keep in mind the following things:
• Put your babies’ clothes and other equipment into the place, where you are going to use everything. It is possible, that you will have to need more than one changing area in your house.
• Prepare the playing place for your babies. This is to be the kind of area in your house, where you will be able to leave them alone in portacribs or playpens without being troubled about their safety. This may be the place on the rub, circled by pillows, or on a blanket, put on the floor, or some space, which is closed off by a special kind of gate.
• You are to make the care of your house and your clothes as simple as possible, or at least get other members of your family involved into this process.

Make a Schedule
Having a schedule will be easier for you to remember everything you are to do, and, besides, it sill be easier for people, who will help you. You should make the list of the things you do regular, or the list of the things you are to do on some particular day and put it on the fridge, on the wall, or on any other vertical surface. You should work toward making your babies on the same sleeping and feeding schedule. Moreover, when your friends or relatives will propose their help, you will know by what time they should better come, like:
• Invite them to come at bath time, so, that they will help you to bathe at least one of the babies;
• Let them arrive by the feeding time and provide you help with feeding one of the babies;
• They may come when you will be doing something, and simply sit with your little ones so, that you will have a possibility to cook something, or to clean the kitchen, to do shopping, etc.
• Some of your helpers may visit you while you are asleep and take care for your babies.
•In case if you always fail with the establishment of more or less constant schedule, and if you feel, that everything is going wrong, the best way out for you is simply to drop everything, take your little children and go for a walk with them. Remember, that fresh air did not bring harm to anyone so far. 

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