Taming Temper Tantrums

Check out discipline tips how to teach your multiples to control their temper tantrums.
Taming Temper Tantrums
Of no doubt, the word “taming” is not the right one and it is not the most appropriate to use, when talking about children. No matter what their behaviour is like, your task is to provide them with safety and behaviour management, instead of thinking about their taming tantrums constantly. However, if you have multiple toddlers, who seem to spend the biggest part of their day climbing, biting, fighting, screaming, yelling, crying, etc, the word “tame” seems to be the only one, which fits.

Here come some Toddler Discipline Tips
 Most of your toddlers behaviours, like biting, hitting, tantrums having that can make you concerned are quite natural. You should keep in mind that many of your multiples’ behaviours are simply their way of learning about and exploring their environment and what their limits are. Though it does not mean at all that you may do nothing about it, learning about disciplining your children will help you decrease these kinds of behaviours and get through your kids’ toddler years without having serious problems.

Usually your multiples may begin to fly into their temper tantrums somewhere around the age of 18 months. Such a response to your of each other’s behaviour is considered to be the most common one to different taming_temperfrustrations and limit setting. For you it is extremely important to realize, that such flying into tantrums are an inevitable and integral part of your children’s process of developing independence while they are still remaining within the strict (or not so much strict) rules, which their parents (you / you together with your partner) have set for them. Dealing with your multiples tantrum, you are to let them verbalize their anger (it is better to do with the help of explanations, like ”dear, I understand, that you got angry because mom took the knife away from you, but you may not have it, because it is not safe”). You should also spend some time with the frustrated toddler, and help him or her to calm down by talking or holding. You are to keep him or her and others of your multiples safe – it may even be necessary to hold him or her, and never let them throw objects, bang their heads on the floor, or other things, like this. After the kid calmed down, you should teach him or her the words, with the help of which people should express their negative feelings and emotions, like ”angry”, “mad”, “sad”, “upset”, etc.

However, you are never to give in, do not change either change the rule or let your toddler have something, which you took away only in order to stop the tantrum. Remember, that sense of humour and using different kinds of distractions will help you to make the duration of this tantrum much shorter.

Dealing with toddlers, who still have poorly developed language, but whose determinations to do everything “by self” are at their peaks, it is possible for you to avoid or lessen tantrums by letting them to have a choice between two options, which are equally available for you. Thus, if you ask one of your multiples to pout on “this jacket”, you are in for a struggle, however, as soon as you offer him or her the choice between a pink and a blue jackets, he or she will most likely be happy to exercise his or her power and independence while making this choice.