Toddler Twins

Congratulations, your twins made their first steps. Does it mean more troubles? Or on the contrary it will make your life easier? Get to know how to benefit from this new one ability of your babies.
Toddler Twins

Get Out
Of course, since your multiples have arrived, you seem to have not a moment of free time, less time for yourself and your personal and intimate relationship. Overloading yourself leads to stressful situations, to anger and misunderstandings. You are to ask some person, you can trust to babysit your kids, while you will be able to go to a restaurant, visit your friends or relatives. When your kids become somewhat older, you may take them with you, while going out somewhere.

Explore Your Resources
It is extremely difficult to be the only parents of twin toddlers. You should better consider all your available resources, for childcare and for other household help as well. If you have any relatives, friends, neighbours, whom you can ask for help, do it. If there any other parents, who have twins of about the age of your children, you can get together for talk and taking care for your children together. In case if there is any playground, parent support group, or toddler care center in the area, you live in, you may use their cervices as well. Besides, you and your partner may divide your tasks of parenting and keeping the household.

Take Care of Yourself
Although now it will become much more difficult for you to do, but you still have to stay fit. You should better schedule at least several hours a week, during which you will be able to read, make some physical exercises, go out with your partner, visit some friends of relatives of yours, or go shopping. And it is extremely important to SCHEDULE these events beforehand, as it lets you be sure, that it will happen, and the though of coming rest time will help you avoid possible stress.

Let Go
At the very beginning, your house may be a mess. Somewhat later you may become to figure out what will be really important for you, and then you will be able to focus on several needed areas, and let all the rest be. Some people can feel OK, cleaning one of the rooms every day, while for others, it is only possible to be able to do the dishes every day. Actually everything depends on the babies’ tempers, and on the amount of helpers.

There is another part of letting go is about letting go to the idea of being the perfect parent, the parent, who has all the answers ready, the parent, who never feels confused, stressed, tired, or the parent, who manages to do everything in time. However, if you want to be a good parent for your twins’ toddlers, you should be aware that there would be lots of letting go moving on toddler time, improvising as you would be going alone, changing your plans completely in the middle, etc. You are to think at least on time a day, what a god’s gift these children are to you, and realizing it will help you keep your perspective and not be too hard on yourself, when you feel, everything is getting tough.

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