Toddler Twins: Double the Trouble?

Congratulations, your twins made their first steps. Does it mean more troubles? Or on the contrary it will make your life easier? Get to know how to benefit from this new one ability of your babies.
Toddler Twins: Double the Trouble?

Taming is of no doubt not the way out of this situation, however, there are several things, you are able to do in order to deal with your babies’ energy, which is simply amazing and seems to be endless. By the time your babies became toddlers, you must have worked out some basic behaviour strategies. Still, even if you have bunches of worked out strategies, there are still days, hours, or, even moments, when you reel yourself overwhelmed. And it is natural, dealing with a single toddler, it is more natural, having to do with twins, or other higher order multiples. There are some suggestions, provided below, you may think about, if you have any time for your reflections, of course.

Use The Environmental to Your Advantage
Every parent begins to look at his or her house in a completely different way, when the children begin able to crawl or walk. It will be extremely useful to go after your babies around the house in order to see what makes them interested, and what needs to be taken away as being a potential danger for them. You will of no doubt find lots of things, which will draw your little children’s attention. And, besides, you are to remember, that you are half not as creative and curious as your toddlers, especially, when there are more than one of them, and that is why they will be bringing things, which need to be changed to your attention continuously.

toddler_twinsThere are bunches resources and ideas, available for parents on how to make your house “babyproofing”: catalogues, stories of other experienced parents, consultants, etc. As soon as you have taken care of the basic issues of safety for your children, like electric plugs, heaters, stairs, breakables, etc, you may begin to think about how to create a playing area fro your toddlers. Having a carefully set – up playing area can cut down on many challenges. Every family creates its own level of safe environment in its home. There should be at least one room or space, being completely safe, where it would be possible to leave twins, triplets, etc. for several moments unattended. It may be a room, being gated off or it may be a part of the room, being fenced. And of course, there is no place, which may be considered as being safe enough to leave babies unattended for a long period of time.

Making safe and interesting playing are for your children does not necessary need to be expensive, as there are bunches of things in every house, that most children simply love to play with. Put some pillow, small blanket or a mattress on the floor, and let your babies play with plastic containers, plastic jars which have lids, pots or pans, water, etc. In case if you buy toys for your children, you should better look for “open – ended” ones, which may be used in different ways. Soft toys are also a good idea.

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